Covering the home counties and Essex, Oakshot Contracting provides services ranging from woodland management to site clearance.

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We are leading site clearance and forestry contractors based around the home counties, with depots in both Essex and North London. Oakshot Contracting offers a range of forestry and site enablement services, undertaken by our team of trained professionals. Our team has experience with challenging deadlines and complex scenarios.

We offer competitive rates for all arboricultural and site clearance work. Get in touch with us today for your free no obligation quote.

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oakshot Site clearance

Site Clearance

Site clearance involves the removal of trees, vegetation, and other obstacles from a site before construction or land development.

oakshot forestry contractors

Forestry Contracting

Forestry contractors are professionals who provide a variety of services related to forestry and land management.

woodland management

Woodland Management

Woodland management involves the sustainable and responsible management of woodland areas to maintain their health.


Tree Removal

Tree removal can be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as making room for new construction, or just clearing the landscape.


Tree Felling

There is a controversial hypothesis that trees have emotions and can feel pain, but the scientific community .


Emergency Tree Work

Emergency tree work is required when a tree that poses an immediate threat to people or property due to storm damage, disease, or other factors.

Low Impact Forestry

Low impact forestry services ensure that the work carried out has as minimal affect on the environment as possible.


Vegetation Management

Vegetation clearance is the process of removing unwanted vegetation, such as weeds, brush, or invasive plant species.

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Landscaping refers to any activity that modifies the visible features of an area of land, including fencing, retaining walls, planters, and outdoor living spaces.

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Fencing is the practice of installing barriers, such as wooden or metal structures, around a property or area for security or privacy purposes.


Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance refers to the care of outdoor areas, such as parks, and public spaces and grounds.


Saw Milling

Saw milling is a quick and effective way to process whole logs into dimensioned timber


Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the practice of selectively removing specific branches from a tree to improve its overall health and appearance.

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What Our Clients Say

Max Rivens
Max Rivens
Really happy with what the guys have done, was fast, easy to manage and exactly what we wanted. They also left the site clean and tidy, will be using again and would highly recommend! Thanks
Jamie Emmerson
Jamie Emmerson
The guys did an amazing job. Looking forward to working together again.
Hilton Lawson
Hilton Lawson
Cracking guys, did a great job, very quick and efficient workers, really professional and a pleasure to do business with. Was amazed at how well they cleared up considering the size of the project. Definitely recommend and I also look forward to using them again in the future.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown
Great all round service from the guys. They were knowledgeable, prompt and efficient and would definitely use them again.
Reuben Gibson
Reuben Gibson
A prompt and professional service, and left the site clear and tidy. Will definitely use Oakshot Tree Services again.
Excellent service and pricing, Oakshot was very professional from start to finish. They let me know exactly what they were doing and when. Took down five trees and left the area very tidy. Would highly recommend. Thanks!